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Int & Int

Int & Int aims to boost a common and enlarged dialogue beyond the usual boundaries of intelligence, security and war studies, bringing as many views, topics, and experiences as possible. Int & Int is aimed to bring different international perspectives and cultures into the common debate of intelligence studies. It is not aimed to revolutionize a field, but it is based on the idea that we should start to recognize more the role of different perspectives from a national, cultural, and linguistic standpoint.


With my greatest satisfaction and excitement, I announce that we are finalizing the collective book based on the series of interviews. Along with my co-author Roman Kolodii (Charles University of Prague) and the translators Simone Di Massa and Fabrizio Minniti, I am going to submit the collective book soon with the translated interviews to the Italian publisher. Keep posted

As the host of the Series, Intelligence & Interview, I had the distinct pleasure to interview these scholars, experts, and practitioners for the Italian Society of Intelligence. Discover more on Scuola Filosofica.

#42 Dr. James Bruce | Intelligence Analysis: Past, Present and Future |

#41 Przemysław Gasztold (Historic Research Office of the Institute of National Remembrance)| Poland's Security Services; History and Present 

#40 Alexander Moseley | Philosophy of War and Peace |

#39 Barry Zulauf (Georgetown University, James Madison University, and Mercyhurst University) | International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) 

#38 Fabrizio Minniti (European Expert Network on Terrorism Issues) | Tragedy in Afghanistan: Recent History and Developments

#37 Itai Shapira (Leichester University) | Strategic and Tactical Intelligence & Philosophical Approaches to Intelligence Theory

#36 Alexei Kuvshinnikov (Moscow State Institute) | Structured Analytic Techniques - Applications and Cases Studies (Mafia included) 

#35 Kevin Riehle (National Intelligence University) | KGB, GRU, FSB – Russian Intelligence History and Present 

#34 Ralf Lillbacka (Novia, University of Applied Sciences)| Clausewitz, Uncertainty and Intelligence |

#33 Alina Frolova (Deputy Chairman of the Centre for Defence Strategies)| Ukraine and Russian Hybrid Warfare |

#32 Lennart Maschmeyer (Center for Security Studies (ETH Zurich)| Cybersecurity, Cyber Power and Threat Intelligence

#31 Robin Libert & Guy Rapaille (Belgian Intelligence Studies Center)  | Belgian Intelligence and Counterintelligence

#30 Lucie Kadlecová (Charles University (Czechia) | Cyber Security in Europe and Beyond 

#29 Svitlana Andrushchenko (Shevchenko University) | Discovering the Geopolitics of Energy

#28 Claudio A. Testi (Istituto Tomistico) | Tolkien on War and Intelligence

#27 Paul Abels (Leiden University) | Dutch Intelligence History and Present

#26 Alessandro Giorgi (Italian Society of Military History) | Intelligence Operations Beyond the Iron Curtain & Military History

#25 Dr Ferdinando Angeletti (IASTE) - Institute of High Studies on Terrorism and Insurgency (Istituto di Alti Studi per il Terrorismo e l’Eversione – IASTE)

#24 Dr James Cox (Brig. General – Ret.) - Personal Experience, Canadian Intelligence & Intelligence Theory

#23 Dr Samantha Newbery (Salford University) - Intelligence, Interrogation and Torture

#22 Dr John Nomikos (RIEAS) - Greek Intelligence and RIEAS

#21 Magda Long (King’s College – London) - Covert Actions Today

#20 Dr Kira Vrist Rønn (University College Copenhagen) - Epistemology & Intelligence Ethics

#19 Dr Franck Bulinge (Mediterranean Institute of Information and Communication) - French Intelligence & CounterTerrorism Today

#18 Prof. Mario Caligiuri (Università della Calabria) & Dr Luigi Rucco (SOCINT) - Italian Society of Intelligence – History, Mission and Methods

#17 Dr William Spracher (National Intelligence University) -  Intelligence Education and the American Intelligence Journal

#16 Giovanni Nacci (Intelli|Sfèra) - OSINT Theory & Intelli|Sfèra

#15 Prof. Maria Gabriella Pasqualini (SOCINT) - The History of the Italian Intelligence Community

#14 Egisto Mannini (Geologist & Oil & Gas Consultant) - Oil & Geopolitics

#13 Prof. Virgilio Ilari (SISM) - Italian Society of Military History

#12 Philani Dhlamini (RIEAS & African Intelligence Studies Collective) – African Intelligence

#11 Dr Jacopo Tagliabue (COVEO) – Artificial Intelligence

#10 Efren Torres (GHOST OSINT Group) – Open Source Intelligence

#9 Dr Alexandra Luce (Acuity Development) -  Understanding Critical Thinking

#8 James Carlini (Keynote Speaker on Intelligent Infrastructure & Cybersecurity) - Intelligence buildings and smart cities in a Post-Covid environment

--- Intelligence & Interview --- Old Edition

#7 Prof. Silvano Tagliagambe (Università di Sassari) - Filosofia e scienza

#6 Dr Robert Paul Wolff (Ret. University of Massachusetts) – An autobiographical note

#5 Dott. Giovanni Sulis – Medicina e storia

#4 Domizio Cipriani – Ordine dei Templar


#3 Claudio Selleri – Editoria Italiana

#2 Adrea Maffei - Turi Kumwe Onlus

#1 Marco Rota – Business Intelligence

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