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What I like

Not everything is listed but at least you get an idea!




Blogger - Scuola Filosofica (Philosophical School) – 


I founded “Scuola Filosofica” (Philosophical School). It is one of the most influential philosophical blogs in Italy, +1500 unique visitors per day, +1200 posts, +11 years of experience, +40 authors and contributors, +5 technicians (webmaster, social promoter, open source analyst, lawyer, and web designer), present in the main social media (Facebook +1400 follower, YouTube +60 Videos in the educational Channel, Twitter, Newsletter). A collective series of books is based on the blog “The books of Philosophical School” released by the publisher Le Due Torri.

Chess Player and Instructor

I started playing chess when I was four and I never (un)officially stopped. I teach beginners how to play chess: finals, openings, and basic technical, tactical, and strategical analysis. During these years, I organized seminars on chess and philosophy: chess and other disciplines from mathematics and formal logics to the philosophy of mind. Still don't believe me? Search me for a game!

A recent crazy game? 

Pili - NN (Chess.Com - 2021) - 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Qf6 3. d4 exd4 4. e5 Qb6 5. Qxd4 Bc5 6. Qd2 Nc6 7. Nc3 Nge7 8.Na4 Qb4 9. Nxc5 Qxc5 10. Qg5 Ng6 11. Be3 Qxc2 12. Rc1 Qxb2 13. Bd3 Qxa2 14. O-O Qa5 15. Bd2 Qd5 16. Bc4 Qe4 17. Rfe1 h6 18. Qg3 Qf5 19. Nh4 Nxh4 20. Bd3 Qh5 21.Qxg7 Rf8 22. Bxh6 Qxh6 23. Qxh6 Ng6 24. Bxg6 fxg6 25. Qxg6+ Kd8 26. e6 d6 27.Qg5+ Ne7 28. Qg7 Rg8 29. Qc3 c6 30. Rcd1 Kc7 31. Qf6 Re8 32. Qf7 Bxe6 33. Rxe6 Kd7 34. Rde1 d5 35. Rxe7+ Rxe7 36. Qxe7+ Kc8 37. Qe8+ Kc7 38. Qxa8 a6 39. Qa7 Abbandoned

Video Maker

I directed four movies. I organize the cast, I work to create the stages, I take the audio, I edit the movie, and I create the support. All the scripts are original. More than ten amateurish actors participate, and two technicians helped to take the picture. I learn to use professional equipment (camera, audio recorders, light) and software (Live Screen Capture, Corel VideoStudio 2009-2018). I have a YouTube Channel with more than 60 videos uploaded. In addition, I created 12 promotional videos for Ancora (Trip - SRLS).

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