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Pili (PhD)

Assistant Professor - Intelligence Analysis Program (JMU)


"But every error is due to extraneous factors (such as emotion and education); reason itself does not err." Kurt Gödel

Thank you for being here; it is simply a pleasure being in contact with you!

I am a passionate intelligence researcher and analyst with a background in analytic philosophy. My wide array of analytical skills, geospatial abilities, data management, and open-source investigation capability are related to my research. 

I have presented my research outcomes and reports in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, and most of the NATO countries. 

I was involved in briefing high-level stakeholders in both the private and public sectors on security and intelligence topics. I interviewed more than forty security and intelligence experts worldwide.

My research was published in the best intelligence journals in the world, and my research on intelligence and theory of knowledge was issued in premiere journals of philosophy and cognitive psychology.

Influential reports in partnership with several media outlets featured my cartographic outcomes, remote sensing and satellite imagery analysis, geoprocessing analytics, imagery analysis and data analytics.

I researched and taught intelligence analysis, international security, and geopolitics. My publications are focused on the conceptual understanding of intelligence and analysis.

In short?

I use several programs to develop unique content and charts for analytic purposes!

My life is unthinkable without analyzing and writing. I published articles in international journals, books, and reports. You can find many contents on YouTube!

Do you want to play chess? Well, let's do it!

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